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Regular Season Schedule
Timeline for Picture Day June 3:

8:30-9:30AM - Tee Ball plays - Lower Delta

Pictures begin with AA baseball teams at 8:30AM - Look for photographer between Upper and Lower fields

8:30AM Blue Jays and Nationals take pictures

9:00AM - Rays & Astros take pictures

9:30 AA begins to play their games on Upper and Lower Delta fields

9:30AM - Tee Ball pictures begin with RedWings & Muckdogs, 9:45AM Bulls & Rockhounds, 10AM Storm & Knights

AAA baseball pictures - 10:15AM Pirates, 10:30AM Cubs. Game will start at 10:45AM - Lower Delta

10:45 AM Astros. Practice starts immediately after pictures - Upper Delta

11AM Majors Baseball Pictures - Mariners, 11:15 Rays, 11:30 Angels

break Noon - 12:30PM

12:30PM Softball Pictures - Mariners, 12:45 Blue Jays

Softball begins play at 1PM Upper Delta

Majors baseball game starts at 3:30PM Lower Delta

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Spring Baseball 2017
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Practices Today
AAA Minors: NGC Cubs
Upper Delta Field, 4:30-6:00 PM
Majors: Conway Landscaping Rays
Upper Delta Field, 6:00-7:30 PM

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